U.S. Kids Golf title

U.S. Kids Golf Local Tour loogGolfRomeGa.com wants everyone to play golf, especially juniors!  Golf encourages such tremendous attributes as integrity, pride, and sportsmanship.

One of the opportunities local juniors have living in the Northwest Georgia area is to take advantage of the U.S. Kids Golf Atlanta Tour.  U.S. Kids tours are open to boys and girls through age 14.  They offer spring, summer, and fall tours.

If you decide to enter your junior, please fill out the Refer a Student Form.  GolfRomeGa.com will earn $25, which helps support the GolfRomeGa.com website.  In the Professional's Name field, enter Jarratt Bryan and circle PGA Member.

Jonathan Bryan, the son of GolfRomeGa.com's webmaster, Jarratt Bryan and his wife April, has played the spring and fall tours since 2010.  The experiences have always been wonderful. The courses the kids get a chance to play are usually in tremendous shape.  In fact, TPC Sugarloaf is often on the schedule!

If you have any questions, you can email the Atlanta Tour Manager John Godwin (pictured to the left of Jonathan), or email Jarratt.