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October 20-21, 2012

Meadow Lakes Golf Club Wins McIntosh Cup!

The McIntosh CupThe second annual Ryder Cup-style tournament between Meadow Lakes Golf Club and The Lion was held this past weekend.  The Meadow Lakes players took The McIntosh Cup, which is named after one of The Lions prominent members.

Saturday, the event was played at Meadow Lakes and it consisted of three 9-hole two-man match play matches. One nine of low ball, one nine of alternate shot, and one nine of scramble. Sunday the players went to The Lion for 18 holes of individual match play.

This year Meadow Lakes came out on top 22-20 to move the cup to Meadow Lakes. Members wanted special thanks to go to Matt Brynteson and Wayne Monroe for organizing the event.

Next year the clubs will play 27 holes Saturday at The Lion and 18 holes at Meadow Lakes on Sunday.

Here are the results:

Meadow Lakes vs. The Lion

Saturday Pairings & Results Three 9-Hole Matches

Tobin Ayers / Matt Brynteson 2-1-0 vs. Ray Roberts / Cesar Soto 1-2-0
Rich Gillespie / Mike Williams 2-0-1
vs. Rich Gillespie / Huge Norton 0-2-1
Chris Hardy / Steve Brown 1-2-0 vs. Jason Cash / Joe Cash 2-1-0
Eric Johnson / Ricky Williams 3-0-0 vs. Cody Robinson / K.B. Bryant 0-3-0
Steve Horne / Mike Ferguson 0-1-2 vs. Mike Suddeth / Stan Cates 1-0-2
Bud Robinson / Travis Wilson 1-2-0 vs. Wayne Monroe / Mike Lively 2-1-0
Steve Cox / Cordell Tibbetts 2-1-0 vs. Walter Hatchett / Wayne Hudson 1-2-0
Kayla Spears 1-4-1 vs.
Sam Ogden / Pattie Pollard 4-1-1

Saturday Totals ~ Meadow Lakes 14 pts The Lion 13 pts

Sunday Pairings & Results 18 Hole Individual Match Play

Tobin Ayers vs. Mike Suddeth Tobin Ayers 1up
Matt Brynteson
vs. Ray Roberts Match halved
Rich Gillespie vs. Cody Robinson Cody Robinson 1up
Jeremy Willis vs. Cesar Soto Cesar Soto 4&3
Chris Hardy vs. K.B. Bryant Chris Hardy 7&6
Steve Brown
vs. Huge Norton Steve Brown 2&1
Eric Johnson
vs. Joe Cash Eric Johnson 2&1
Ricky Williams
vs. Jason Cash Jason Cash 3&2
Steve Horne vs. Rich Gillespie Rich Gillespie 3&2
Mike Ferguson vs. Stan Cates Mike Ferguson 3&2
Steve Cox
vs. Wayne Hudson Wayne Hudson 2 &1
Cordell Tibbetts vs. Walter Hatchett Cordell Tibbetts 4&3
Bud Robinson
vs. Wayne Monroe Match Halved
Travis Wilson vs. Mike Lively Travis Wilson 5&4
Kayla Spears
Pattie Pollard Pattie Pollard 6&5

Sunday Totals ~ Meadow Lakes 8 pts The Lion 7 pts

Tournament Totals

Meadow Lakes 22 pts The Lion 20 pts

Special thanks to Tobin Ayers for providing the story, results, and picture!