Calhoun-Gordon County Junior Golf Tour

June 20

Below are the results from today's event held at the Calhoun Elks Club Golf Course.  There were a number of players who carded birdies: Amber Parker (2), Walker Barrow, Caleb Hayes (2), Kurt Ingram, and Landon Hicks.

3rd - 5th Grade Boys

  Player Score
1st Grant Langford 29
2nd Seth Densmore 36
3rd Zane Stewart 40

3rd - 5th Grade Girls

  Player Score
1st Mary Claire Norman 37
2nd Kelsey Hodge 38

6th Grade Boys

  Player Score
1st Taylor Gresham 48

7th - 8th Grade Girls

  Player Score
1st Clara Hulsey 52
2nd Shelly Satterfield 57

7th - 8th Grade Boys

  Player Score
1st Walker Barrow 41
T-2nd Jack Haney 42
T-2nd Cole Ingram 42
T-3rd Avery Dodd 44
T-3rd Dylan Long 44
4th Jonathan Bryan 46
5th Brent Riley 48
6th Walt Douglas 49
7th Hunter Norman 50
8th Grant Elliott 52
9th Lane Strickland 54
T-10th Nolan Reece 61
T-10th Luke Dtweart 61
11th Garrison Bumgardner 63
12th Bailey Wilson 65
  Garrett Dodd WD

High School Girls

  Player Score
1st Kirsten Davis 41
T-2nd Amber Parker 43
T-2nd Katie Rose Rawls 43
3rd Jocelyn Blair 47
4th Tamera Johnson 53
5th Tori Hopper 60

High School Boys

  Player Score
T-1st Kurt Ingram 37
2nd Caleb Hayes 38
3rd Landon Hicks 40
T-4th Joseph Hocieniec 46
T-4th Kent Warth 46
5th Christopher Denesmore 47
6th Brannon Wilson 48
7th Turner Seymore 50