Calhoun-Gordon County Junior Golf Tour

June 28

Birdies were shot today by Avery Dodd, Clay Wigington, Kurt Ingram (3), Christopher Densmore (3), Kirsten Davis, Katie Rose Rawls, and Jocelyn Blair. Seth Densmore carded an eagle!

Below are the results from today's event held at Fields Ferry Golf Club.

3rd - 5th Grade Boys

  Player Score
1st Riley Grant 25
2nd Seth Densmore 28
3rd Grant Langford 31
4th Owen Goble 36
5th Dawson Williams 40

3rd - 5th Grade Girls

  Player Score
1st Molly Mashburn 29
2nd Mary Claire Norman 32
T-3rd Ella Bennett 37
T-3rd Kelsey Hodge 37

6th Grade Boys

  Player Score
1st Spen Oliver 49
2nd Taylor Gresham 53
3rd Dawson Mashburn 56

7th - 8th Grade Girls

  Player Score
1st Kate Mashburn 42
2nd Clara Hulsey 47

7th - 8th Grade Boys

  Player Score
1st Cole Ingram 40
2nd Avery Dodd 44
3rd Patrick Box 50
4th Ryan Redd 51
5th Lane Strickland 52
6th Carter Grant 53
7th Nolan Reece 55
8th Brock Stewart 56
9th Bailey Wilson 63

High School Girls

  Player Score
1st Jocelyn Blair 38
2nd Katie Rose Rawls 39
3rd Kirsten Davis 42
4th Amber Parker 43
5th Macy Parrott 46
6th Tamera Johnson 51
7th Teagan Lovingood 54

High School Boys

  Player Score
1st Kurt Ingram 77
2nd Clay Wigington 79
3rd Brannon Wilson 88
4th Christopher Denesmore 93
5th Kent Warth 98
6th Sam Davis 103